Colorado Singh Sabha

Colorado Singh Sabha

 :: Orlando Shooting
We strongly condemn killing in Orlando and stand in absolute solidarity with the LGBTQ community in denouncing this bigotry, violence and hatred. Our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent victims, their families and others who are affected by this horrific tragedy.
We also urge every Sikh to excercise extra vigilance and caution during this period of heightened anxiety.
  :: A Sikh, who is a Sikh?
A disciple or a student, who is engaged in learning higher truths of life, he who believes in one Universal God, he who loves all people whatever their race or faith and judges them by their deeds.

  :: Foundation
Sikhism was founded in 15th century by Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. Guru Nanak, traveled through-out India and other countries of Asia and preached truthful living, universal brotherhood, unconditional love for humanity and unconditional service for humanity.
The three major principles of Guru Nanak are the guiding stones for Sikh’s in present world.

Naam Jaap: Recite the name of true lord with every breath.

Kirat Kar: Earn your living by honest and true means.

Vaandh Chaak: Share your living with the needy, unconditionally.

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